Stitch Pink Block of the Day Quilt
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Stitch Pink Block of the Day Quilt

Stitch Pink Quilt

Stitch Pink Logo

Stitch Pink Grunge Sampler
Finished size 64" x 76"

For more than twenty years, health organizations around the world have come together for the month of October to campaign for increased awareness of breast cancer. From educating people about the importance of early screening to raising funds for research into its cause, the campaign seeks to offer information and support to those affected. Last year, Moda created Stitch Pink to help raise awareness, in large part because the Moda family has been touched by breast cancer. They used their social media platform to remind each other of the importance of mammograms and early detection, to educate ourselves regarding risk factors, and to do a little stitching together.
Beginning on Thursday, October 1, the Scrappy Girls will share one block each day on Scrap Paper News (this page). The blocks will be shared every day, including Saturday and Sunday, through the month, with the Final Assembly instructions on Saturday, October 31. There are thirty 12 finished blocks set in six rows of five blocks each. The quilt is finished with a 2″ border and binding, making the final quilt 64 x 76. This sample quilt was made using the Grunge Stitch Pink Assortment.

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Day 1

stitch pink 01

Day 2

stitch pink 02

Day 3

stitch pink 03

Day 4

stitch pink 04

Day 5

stitch pink 05

Day 6

stitch pink 06

Day 7

stitch pink 07

Day 8

stitch pink 08

Day 9

stitch pink 09

Day 10

stitch pink 10

Day 11

stitch pink 11

Day 12

stitch pink 12

Day 13

stitch pink 13

Day 14

stitch pink 14

Day 15

stitch pink 15

Day 16

stitch pink 16

Day 17

stitch pink 17

Day 18

stitch pink 18

Day 19

stitch pink 19

Day 20

stitch pink 20

Day 21

stitch pink 21

Day 22

stitch pink 22

Day 23

stitch pink 23

Day 24

stitch pink 24

Day 25

stitch pink 25

Day 26

stitch pink 26

Day 27

stitch pink 27

Day 28

stitch pink 28

Day 29

stitch pink 29

Day 30

stitch pink 30

Day 31

stitch pink 31

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